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Advanced Pilates & Yoga (Strength)

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No equipment needed. Advanced Pilates & Yoga (Strength) is a muscle-defining program that employs balance, cardio and flexibility movements with plyometric and body-weight based exercises for an all-around, physically challenging workout. The Pilates elements of this compilation bring gentle resistance principals into the routines, emphasizing safety, technique and range of motion.

18,00 zł

Advanced Pilates & Yoga will help you to increase your flexibility and tone core muscle groups through an invigorating workout for your whole body. The Pilates workout is a thorough strength-conditioning session that boosts flexibility, endurance and posture. The Yoga workout incorporates legacy and new poses into one continuous routine that will leave you feeling exhausted and fulfilled at once.

  • Pilates-Yoga fusion.
  • Breathing warmup and cooldown.
  • Hour-long session.
  • High-definition video.
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